Choosing the right Tanzania safari tour operator

With so many Tanzania safari tour operators, the big decision for this big and important trip is which one to choose.

Recommendations from friends or family is ideal, first hand information and insight but what if know one within your circles has been on a safari? What if they went to a different area, one that is quite different to Tanzania so can’t really be compared?

Sitting down and really spending some time researching different companies is the key. Let’s face it, this is now easier than ever before with the huge internet resource to hand day and night. Look at what each company offers, go onto their social media pages, read reviews and really get an idea of how the tour operator works, the services they offer, how long they have been in business and of course, what previous travellers have said about them.

tanzania safari tours

A Tanzania safari is not a cheap package holiday, choosing a trip of this kind is a considered decision, often a holiday of a life time or as memory making as a honeymoon. A Tanzania safari is going to open up a whole new world on the first visit but as so many people are gripped by this extremely special country, it’s fair to say, many do return. But it’s vastness means different safari tours can be chosen from those within the Saadani National Park, to the Selous Game Reserve, multi location and general safari’s down to the coastal tours where travellers get to witness where the land meets the sea.

A general and well respected operator is A Tent With A View Tanzania Safaris. Having 20 years experience now in organising Tanzania safari tours, living out the for most of the year, understanding the wildlife, the landscape, the inhabitants and the need to strive to conserve this wildlife haven, they have built up a number of different tours and some very loyal clients.

Jenny Andrew